I watched the Democratic debate in Las Vegas this evening. It was a good debate after they got down to real issues and policy matters. I think all the candidates did well, each had their good moments, and each had times they stumbled a bit. I was pleasantly surprised that when asked what their weakest point was, Barack Obama actually gave a real answer, i.e., not the standard "I guess I care too much about baby sea lions". So imagine my surprise when I watched the post-debate coverage on MSNBC and Chris Matthews essentially inaugurated Hillary Clinton. Did she have a good debate? She certainly did, but so did Barack Obama and John Edwards. Some other pundits had more reasoned approaches, but a lot of the coverage I saw seemed to slant in that direction. Why? I wonder how the media will pick up on that in the reporting tomorrow.

I was also disappointed that Dennis Kucinich was not allowed to participate in the debate. Regardless of what you think about him and his politics, a democracy is enriched by lively debate and he brings a different perspective than the other candidates.