The Genome Center recently published the first paper (other centers' press releases notwithstanding) describing the sequencing of an entire animal genome with next-generation sequencing technology. We revisited our old friend, C. elegans, and published the paper, Whole-genome sequencing and variant discovery in C. elegans, in Nature Methods. Two different C. elegans strains were sequenced using the Solexa Sequence Analyzer (now Illumina Genome Analyzer) in about a week. Compare that to the years it took to sequencing the initial C. elegans genome in the 1990's. In doing several strains, we were able to test methodologies for detecting sequence variations (mutations). In other words, just as the initial C. elegans genome was used as a proof-of-concept project for The Human Genome Project, this C. elegans project was used as a proof-of-concept for medical sequencing projects to discover the variations that lead to disease using next-generation sequencing technologies. All of the sequencing was done at The Genome Center while the analysis was done jointly between The Genome Center and Gabor Marth's lab (a Genome Center alum).