Recently we have seen a lot of attacks on Sen. Obama from both Sen. Clinton's campaign and the Republicans. Individually they each seem pretty innocuous, particularly because they rely more on fear mongering and criticisms of style rather than substance. When you step back and look at all the attacks however, a pattern begins to emerge. First, some smalltime operator makes a statement, sends an email, or posts a story that fans the flames of racism or religious intolerance or makes fun of Sen. Obama's focus on change or hope. Some time passes, the story spreads through the media, then you get Sen. McCain (if the attack was from a Republican) or Sen. Clinton (if the attack was from her campaign) making a public statement denouncing the attack. So in the end, everyone wins. The attackers get their attack out, further fanning the internet rumor mills, and Sens. McCain and Clinton posture themselves above the fray. Did I say everyone wins? Well, everyone but Sen. Obama wins.

This pattern of events becomes all the more intriguing when you find out about the connection between the Clinton and McCain campaigns. So rather than give them points for "rejecting and denouncing" those attacks, perhaps we should wait to see if they are able to stop them from occurring in the future.

At this point, you might be interested in some counter arguments.