Here is another update on the progress of construction for the Genome Data Center. Below is a picture of our 2 MW generator. Unfortunately, we will not have the use of that generator until a few months after the data center opens. The data center was originally scheduled to be completed and ready for move in on May 1, 2008. The parallelizing switch gear, which automatically switches between the utility and generator electric feeds, will not arrive until mid to late June (and it takes about three weeks to install). Despite a schedule from the subcontractors that indicated otherwise, 43 weeks was not enough time to design, get approval from the electric utility, build, and install the parallelizing switch gear. With some fancy wiring that will cost about $100k (on top of about an $11M total building cost), we will still be able to move in on May 1, 2008. Therefore, the general contractor will avoid late completion penalties, but we won't have generator backup for the first few months of operation. The building does have dual electrical utility feeds and there is, of course, UPS systems to ride through short outages. Here is a picture of the second floor window through which the large electrical gear will be brought into the building.

On the plus side, the data center now has its raised floor (currently covered with craft paper to protect the finish during the remaining construction). While this may be good news for us, it is bad news for the electrician who still has some work to do under there.

You can find more pictures on flickr.