A recent Newsweek article entitled The Myth of Objectivity discusses the recent (i.e., perpetual) uproar about media bias. Of course by bias, people mean that someone wrote an article that did not agree with their world view. With the proliferation of media outlets these days, it is easy to find someone who agrees with you, thereby strengthening your case that all those who don't are biased. So is there a bias against Sen. Clinton? There are certainly many people who do not like her (or her husband). Some of these people are in the media. But is it biased to ask her the first question in five of the last six debates? I guess that depends if you are they type of person who wants the ball in the first half or prefers to defer to the second. She was also given the last word in the last two debates. Is that a bias against Sen. Obama? Are the Saturday Night Live love-fests for Sen. Clinton the last two weeks indicative of a bias? Is it biased that Sen. Obama was on Good Morning America this morning? It it biased that Sen. Clinton will be on The Daily Show tonight? More pointedly, is it a bias toward Sen. Clinton that she is still considered in the running despite losing the last 11 contests, losing 25 of 36 contests, getting over one million fewer popular votes than Sen. Obama, and being so far behind in pledged delegates that she would we need 75% of the vote in all of the remaining contests just to catch Sen. Obama? Of course, she is polling strong in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (making her staying in more reasonable than Mike Huckabee), but if the tables were turned, would Sen. Obama still seem viable? Probably not. So what is the deal with all this bias? Maybe it is just news.