Intel has recently announced their designs for new, more powerful CPU and GPU chips. I am sure AMD will follow soon with some whiz bang designs. My question is, does anyone care? Sure computers can do more now, but does anyone ask them to? Desktops and laptops can easily handle all the stuff people ask them to do. In most scientific disciplines, software is not capable of taking advantage of the multi-core capabilities of modern processors. The top clock speed of processors has not changed in four years. It's time for the CPU manufacturers to take a step back and refocus their efforts. If they don't, they will end up like American automakers who constantly built bigger and more powerful cars instead of safer, more reliable, more efficient cars. What should the focus of CPU manufacturers be? I can't foretell the future, but it seems more efficient chips should be high on the list. But I think more important is for them to invest in tools that will allow developers to more easily take advantage of the current capabilities of their chips. Multi-core technology is vastly underutilized largely due to the difficulty in writing threaded (parallel) programs. If there is no software that utilizes your hardware other than the eye candy in the latest desktop, there will be no market for it.