I think it is time for the government to declare a War on Intelligence. Typically, when our government declares war on a non-nation state, it prospers. Just think how well poverty, drugs, and terror have done since war was declared on them. Why does intelligence need help? Two reasons: the assault on being elite and the assault on evolution.


In the past week there has been an uproar about Sen. Obama being an elitist. Was there any question that someone who is a multimillionaire and running for president is not somewhat an elitist? I mean, if you think you would be a better president than anyone else born in the United States, by definition you are an elitist (at the very least you have an exceedingly high opinion of yourself). I challenge anyone to convince me that Sens. Clinton and McCain are not elitist. They're even richer and have been trying to convince people they are better than them (in other words, running for office) even longer than Sen. Obama (nor did they grow up in a single-parent household that depended on food stamps from time to time as he did). They all went to elite schools (President Bush did as well). And, really, what is wrong with a presidential candidate being elitist? Candidates better think they are a lot better than most Americans or they have no business running for president. I know there is a difference between being elite and being elitist in theory, but in practice the two are usually pretty tightly coupled. Is anyone ready to talk about the economy?


Ben Stein has a new "documentary" entitled Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed coming out promoting intelligent design and complaining about the scientific "bias" toward evolution. Hey Ben, there is a reason science is biased toward evolution. It's because it is a actual scientific theory that one can use to generate testable hypotheses. Sure it may not be complete. It may not even be correct. But its truth can be tested. Intelligent design is a lot of things, but a scientific theory it is not. You can't test whether a creator had a hand in the design of living things. I have no issue with people who choose to believe in creationism or intelligent design. That is entirely their prerogative. But such descriptions of the origin of earth and life are not science and should not be taught in science classes. Feel free to teach them in religion, philosophy, or social studies class, but not biology. Let's face it, taking advice from Ben Stein on the origin of life is like taking medical advice from Michael Moore.

Update: just found this article that has a similar take on the elitism of presidential candidates.