In the twisted logic of the Democratic Party you have Sen. Clinton arguing that the delegations from Michigan and Florida must be seated. Sen. Obama is arguing that they broke the rules and should not be seated (at least according to the voting in January). Sen. Clinton is arguing that the so-called superdelegates should vote their conscience. Sen. Obama says they should respect the will of the people. Anyone else see an inconsistency here? Sen. Clinton says that the people's votes must be counted. That is, unless they are in small states. Oh, and the superdelegates need not pay any mind to those votes. And no one should pay any attention to how people are voting with their money either (Sen. Obama has more than 1.5 million donors, she has loaned her campaign more than $11 million). Sen. Obama says the superdelegates must respect the will of the people. Unless of course those people are in Michigan or Florida. Oh, the insanity.