This election, in this year where we have a struggling economy, high energy prices, housing woes, and two wars, we were promised a campaign that focused on big differences on big issues. Sen. McCain promised a respectful campaign. What we have gotten is a media focused on minutiae and candidates bickering back and forth about nonsense. The McCain campaign is complaining about the amount of media coverage Sen. Obama is receiving (even though the majority (72%) of the coverage was negative), blaming Sen. Obama for high gas prices, spreading false information about Sen. Obama's cancelled visit with the troops (which was later retracted by the campaign blogger), linking Sen. Obama and Fidel Castro, and, perhaps most ridiculously, comparing Sen. Obama to "celebrities" (apparently angering the Hilton's who have contributed over $50,000 to his cause). Doesn't anyone running for president qualify as a celebrity? And now, they are sniping back and forth about the race card, or is it the 'race card' card? Either way, it seems Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama have short memories when it comes to race and politics.

As usual, The Daily Show has a humorous take on recent events.

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