Scientists and Engineers for America have posted Sen. Obama's responses to questions they sent him regarding his stance on a variety of science-related issues. Sen. McCain has not responded, but SEA has an analysis of his positions. There is also a chart comparing the two candidates' positions on scientific issues. Below is a summary of the candidates' major differences on these issues.

  • Sen. Obama favors subsidies for alternative fuels and Sen. McCain does not
  • Sen. McCain is a stronger supporter of nuclear energy than Sen. Obama (although both include it as part of their energy plan)
  • Sen. McCain supports expanding offshore drilling while Sen. Obama only would allow its expansion as part of a compromise plan that includes incentives for energy alternatives
  • Sen. Obama wants universal healthcare coverage including allowing people to purchase the Congressional plan while Sen. McCain's plan includes taxing healthcare benefits while providing offsetting tax credits
  • Sen. Obama favors sex education that includes information about contraception while Sen. McCain favors abstinence-only sex education
  • Sen. McCain thinks intelligent design should be taught in science class, Sen. Obama does not
  • Sen. Obama is in favor of net neutrality, Sen. McCain is not

Update: Sen. McCain has answered the questionnaire and SEA has updated the McCain page linked above accordingly.