After watching the two major party conventions this last two weeks, it seems Americans have a choice between two parties that both have a tenuous relationship with the present. The Democratic Party thinks only about tomorrow, and only if Sen. Obama is elected. The Republican Party seems to have forgotten that they were in charge the last eight years. Each night of their convention, the RNC speakers railed continuously against the broken politics of Washington and the "do nothing" Congress. Have they forgotten that Presidential vetoes and Senate filibusters are largely responsible for the current situation there? The current set of Senate Republicans are on track to use the filibuster or threat of a filibuster more than any other Senate minority party in history. More than that, it was their stated intention to do exactly this after losing the Senate majority in 2006; as Sen. Lott said shortly after the election, they are going to filibuster "everything that moves."

Below are The Daily Show and Colbert Report takes from last night. To get to the meat, skip to about the 6 minute mark on The Daily Show clip and watch the first 5:30 of the Colbert clip.

Here's one thing I don't understand: why the knock on community organizers? The Republicans want the federal government out of local business. They want local people to have a say over local issues. So why belittle people who are trying to do just that?