This morning I got this message in an email from the Director of the St. Louis Crisis Nursery.

Dear Friends,

As the economy continues to spiral downward, families throughout our area are struggling every day to care for their little girls and boys. They must choose between buying food or paying rent. They must decide if they can afford diapers this week or if they will need the money to keep the lights on.

I'd like to share a quick story about little 6-year-old Isabel who came to a Crisis Nursery location last week.

A Nursery staff member spotted Isabel going through the garbage in the kitchen and asked what she was looking for. Isabel replied, "food." Isabel said she and her mom do this everyday.

The staff member gave Isabel a big hug and told her there is more food at Crisis Nursery than she could ever imagine. When she is staying with us, she will never be hungry! The nursery staff made sure that Isabel and her mother had as much food as they could carry with them when they left.

We ask that you keep our families in your prayers. Check out all of the great fundraising events coming up, we'd love if you could join us!

Thank you so very much for your ongoing, generous support!

DiAnne Mueller
Executive Director
Saint Louis Crisis Nursery

You can donate to the Crisis Nursery online or attend an upcoming event.