It's April in St. Louis, so it snowed yesterday. Moving around town one heard people comment on how silly the concept of "global warming" is when it snows in April. Hilarious! Those crazy scientists and their liberal agenda.

Actually, it's sad. Sad how ignorant people are about science. Too late, scientists realized the error in using the phrase "global warming" and have changed it to "global climate change". The whole warming thing is stuck in people's minds and these feeble minds seem unable to appreciate the difference between weather (the instantaneous atmospheric conditions at a given location) and climate (longer-term averages and trends in weather over some region). Wild vacillations, both warm and cold, in weather do not contradict the theory of global climate change (and yes, it's a theory and "theory" does not equal "scientific guess", it is a well-supported hypothesis). In fact, with more energy in the atmosphere (due to CO2 blocking its exit), more extreme changes are expected. Nonetheless, these people blithely ignore supporting facts, like the melting of ice bridges in Antarctica, and cling to their snow in April. Oh, did I mention it is going to be 20 °C (68 °F) here tomorrow? (The metric system, those crazy scientists and their liberal agenda!)