The 1000 Genomes Project is transitioning from its pilot phase into the full project. Since 1000 Genomes is a mixture of data production centers and not a pure component, the phase change from pilot to full project is a continuum rather than a sharp transition. Some centers have already started sequencing of the full project while other centers are finishing up their pilot 3 (targeted, capture-based sequencing of 1000 genes) commitments, while some are doing both. The full project will be expanding the populations sequenced beyond the CEU (European), YRI (African), and CHB (Asian) populations sequenced in the pilot projects to include a wider diversity of major populations as well as focus on sub-populations; some samples are still in the process of getting properly consented and collected.

Of course, even though they were just three "pilot" projects, they still generated a lot of data and new variants. According to Paul Flicek of EBI, over 3.6 Tb of sequence in over 95 billion sequence reads have been submitted and made available on the 1000 Genomes FTP site. For some coverage of the new variants that have been found, check out this Times Online article and the GenomeWeb coverage of Gonçalo Abecasis's talk at the Biology of Genomes meeting a few weeks ago.