Decoding a cancer patients genes

Well, I took a bit of a jab at St. Louis Magazine for being late to the party on reporting about the first cancer genome sequence, so it is only fair that I also poke a little fun at Outlook, a quarterly publication of Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, for waiting until their Spring 2009 issue to report on the AML genome: Dangerous Transformations. I guess they are a quarterly and deserve a little more slack, but surely it could have been in the winter issue. With the recent completion of the second AML tumor and normal genomes, perhaps it is true what they say, "everything old is new again".

It is worth noting that the picture in the article (linked below) of Rick Wilson, Elaine Mardis, and Tim Ley was taken in our data center. Or as Tim calls it, the holodeck.

Cancer Genome Pioneers