Yesterday the Senate Finance Committee, dominated by Democrats, failed to pass amendments to the health care bill that would have added a public health insurance option. It is worth noting why.

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Yes, Olbermann is practically hysterical, but his point should still be well taken. There are those who do not want a public option. They are not the American public, 65% of whom support a public option (see question 57). It is the health insurance companies. They have the expected allies, those spreading lies, fear (it works), and bullying.

The health insurance companies' allies should not include "centrist" Democrats, since Democrats were overwhelming voted into office last fall on a platform of affordable health care for all that included a public option. Nonetheless the health insurance companies do have allies in the Democratic Party: Democratic Congresspeople whose palms they have kept well greased over the years. Of course, the agenda of health insurance companies is also greatly aided by the completely feckless Democratic Party leadership.

Oh well, what's the big deal with health care reform anyway? What's not to like about the current situation? It's not like is could get any worse. Of course, if it does bother you that interest groups can so easily buy legislative favors, head over to, sign up, get informed, get active, and maybe donate some money.