Today in Nature our recent research studying basal-like breast cancer as compared to normal DNA, a subsequent brain metastasis, and a xenograft derived from the primary tumor (a xenograft is the implantation of a portion of the tumor biopsy into the fatty tissue of an immunodeficient mouse) was published along with an commentary by Joe Gray. Surprisingly, while the xenograft was derived from the primary tumor, its mutational profile had many characteristics similar to that of the brain metastasis. This finding indicates that mutations required for successful transplantation of a tumor into a mouse are perhaps similar to those required for the formation of metastasis (and provide insights into why some tumor types are not prone to metastasis and fail to grow xenografts). The article also represents the first publication of the complete sequence of an African-American female.

You can find news coverage of the article and its findings at KWMU, BusinessWeek, News24, GenomeWeb, and the WU Record (includes video).