Politics, Information Technology, and Genomics

Stimulating research

Yesterday on NPR there was a story that questioned the utility of using stimulus funds for long-term research. I am not sure exactly why they use the phrase "long-term" since all of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) funds need to be spent within two years; perhaps two years is long-term thinking nowadays. In any event, as a recipient of a significant amount of ARRA funds, I can say that we have spent a... Full Post

What's in an Illumina GA run directory?

One of the main things that differentiates genomics from other endeavors that use a lot of disk space is that genomics file systems tend to have a lot of files (millions). This was true with Sanger sequencing, and it seems to be even more true with next-generation sequencing technologies, especially Illumina/Solexa and AB SOLiD. This large number of files and the parallel access of these files by large computational clusters tends to give most storage... Full Post

State of cancer genome sequencing

The Genome Center's Elaine Mardis and Rick Wilson have just published a review article on cancer genome sequencing. The article focuses on the application of next-generation sequencing technologies to the study of cancer, covering structural variation studies using low coverage paired-end sequence data, targeted gene sequencing studies using PCR and Sanger sequencing, transcriptome sequencing using RNA-seq, and whole-genome sequencing, e.g., our AML publications. The article concludes with a brief discussion of the future of cancer... Full Post

Party with a Purpose 2009

The Young Professionals Board of the St. Louis Crisis Nursery is hosting it's second annual Party with a Purpose on Thursday November 12, 2009. The event is once again at Bar Napoli. Tickets are still available (put "YPB Event" in the comment field) and include hors d'oeuvres and an open bar ($60) or two drinks ($40). I hope to see you there. Full Post

Virus Invasion

Not entirely relevant, but I thought this animation of a how a virus invades your cells and multiplies is entertaining, if not all that informative. Full Post