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Helping those in crisis

In a lead up to the St. Louis Crisis Nursery's Celebrity Waitress and Waiters Night, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a nice story about how the nursery helps those who, when things go bad, have no where else to turn. The nursery not only provides a safe place for children, it also helps connect the parents with people and agencies that can help them get back on their feet. Full Post

OSCON in ten minutes

Gregg Pollack over at Envy Labs went around OSCON with a hand held video camera asking speakers to summarize their talks in 30 seconds. He has started posting the results on the Envy Labs blog. Today he posted the segment with my much shortened contribution. Full Post

Easy racism

Well President Obama and I now have something in common: we have both been accused of being racist against white people. President Obama by Glenn "'President Obama has a deep-seated hatred of white people' and 75 seconds later 'I'm not saying President Obama doesn't like white people'" Beck and me by neoprene nancy (not to be confused with Polythene Pam) in a comment on my recent post Another rich white guy sequences own genome about... Full Post

AML in the news

For those interested, here is a collection of stories in the press about the recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine on the sequencing of the second whole cancer genome discussed previously in this post: Washington University Medical News (the source, not always referenced, for many other stories), BBC, Cancer Research UK, NCI Cancer Research Highlights, and Bio-IT World. Full Post

Another rich white guy sequences own genome

Following in the dubious footsteps of J. Craig Venter, Stephen Quake has sequenced his own genome using a technology he helped develop which was commercialized by a company he helped to found (lots of conflicts of interest there). The letter, Single-molecule sequencing of an individual human genome, was published in Nature Biotechnology and details the sequencing of Quake's genome on the Helicos Genetic Analysis System (formerly Heliscope). There is a more accessible description of the... Full Post