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Double standard

Since the Biology of Genomes meeting in early May, a tempest has been brewing. It is only in this last week that this tempest has gathered enough strength that it could no longer be contained by those who have chosen to stir it up. The esteemed Daniel MacArthur blogged and tweeted from the conference. This apparently caught the attention of the conference organizers and GenomeWeb. As journalists, the folks at GenomeWeb are required to follow... Full Post

Yesterday's news

Well, I took a bit of a jab at St. Louis Magazine for being late to the party on reporting about the first cancer genome sequence, so it is only fair that I also poke a little fun at Outlook, a quarterly publication of Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, for waiting until their Spring 2009 issue to report on the AML genome: Dangerous Transformations. I guess they are a quarterly and deserve... Full Post

OSCON Friends and Family discount

Do you want to attend OSCON this year but just realized you missed the early registration deadline? Have no fear, through a friends a family discount, you can get the early registration discount (20%) through June 23. Hello David, We are extending early registration until June 23, 2009 for OSCON. A savings of $250 off standard registration. Because you have been accepted as a speaker for this year's show, we would like to extend an... Full Post

A new look

In case you haven't noticed, we rolled out our new web site, genome.wustl.edu, yesterday. Much of the content is the same, but it has a whole new design and navigational structure. The design will likely be familiar to you if you have seen someone from The Genome Center give a talk in the last year or so. Along with the navigational changes, we have added some feature-like content (including videos) that we hope will make... Full Post

UR so beautiful to me

Thanks to the hard work of a whole host of developers at The Genome Center, especially Scott Smith and Tony Brummett, UR, the class framework and object-relational mapping (ORM) layer we developed and use at The Genome Center, has been released on CPAN (actually, I am a little late announcing this, Scott has already uploaded version 0.3). UR is the foundation of the analysis pipelines I presented at the Biology of Genomes meeting at Cold... Full Post