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Outside looking in

Predictably, the roles of the political pundits have changed since January 20th. Those who called people who questioned the president "un-American" only four months ago, are now questioning the president (and much more). The Daily Show examines the phenomena in a clip well worth watching. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M - Th 11p / 10c Baracknophobia - Obey comedycentral.com Daily Show Full Episodes Economic Crisis Political Humor Full Post

Weather != climate

It's April in St. Louis, so it snowed yesterday. Moving around town one heard people comment on how silly the concept of "global warming" is when it snows in April. Hilarious! Those crazy scientists and their liberal agenda. Actually, it's sad. Sad how ignorant people are about science. Too late, scientists realized the error in using the phrase "global warming" and have changed it to "global climate change". The whole warming thing is stuck in... Full Post

It was fun while it lasted

Ross King, a computer scientist and biologist at Aberystwyth University, has created a robot that can develop and test scientific hypotheses. Specifically, it was given information about the yeast genome and genes in other organisms that were involved in metabolism, then tasked with finding genes involved in lysine production in baker's yeast. The robot, Adam, was able to generate a hypothesis and design experiments to test it. The research is published in the latest issue... Full Post

The ls in lsgmake-gap

I have released a new version of lsgmake-gap, 0.13 (md5). This version puts the "ls" back in lsgmake-gap by adding the --bsub-options command-line option which allows the user to specify arbitrary options to bsub. So now you should be able to easily take advantage of all the power of LSF. Also, if you have had problems with job-name dependency trouble because of lsgmake-gap's reuse of job names when resubmitting a failed analysis, there is now... Full Post

Rick Wilson — star maker

There is an interview with Rick Wilson on GenomeWeb, Launch Pad for Rising Stars, that discusses his role in the birth of genome sequencing, what he looks for in a post doc, and some of the scientists who did their post doc at The Genome Center. Full Post