Politics, Information Technology, and Genomics

Young Investigator Profile: Li Ding

Genome Technology has done a Young Investigator Profile on my colleague at The Genome Center, Li Ding. The profile focuses on our efforts in cancer genomics. Full Post

lsgmake-gap for GAPipeline-1.3

I have just posted the latest version of lsgmake-gap, 0.12 (md5). This version of lsgmake-gap supports the additional Bustard targets introduced in GAPipeline-1.3 (it should still work with earlier versions of GAPipeline). It also adds support for auto-calibration in GERALD (QCAL_SOURCE autoN). The script automatically detects whether auto-calibration was requested by scanning the GERALD configuration file and submits the appropriate jobs. Finally, I also put in a workaround for a GNU make bug we were... Full Post

Very gradual change we can believe in

A colleague pointed out the clever image to the right created by Mike Rosulek. Mike has set up a storefront on Zazzle to sell items with the image and a few different slogans, giving the proceeds to the National Center for Science Education. Sadly, the top "Latest News" item on the NCSE's website is a story about anti-evolution legislation recently introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives. Previous attempts to pass such a bill have... Full Post

My talk at AGBT

Several people have asked me to post my slides from AGBT. Given the type of slides I prepare, I thought that might be less than useful, so I recorded my talk and posted it to blip.tv. The narrative is a bit rough because I did it in one take a few weeks after I gave the talk, but all the basics are there (actually, it is a bit longer, 20 minutes, than the talk I... Full Post

St. Louis Perl Mongers

Sorry for the late notice, but I will be giving a presentation tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the St. Louis Perl Mongers meeting. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. CST on the 5th floor of the 4444 Forest Park building (one floor above The Genome Center). I will be talking about what we do at The Genome Center, our software and IT infrastructure, and how we are working toward a more complete understanding of cancer genomics.... Full Post