Politics, Information Technology, and Genomics

Lessig on Colbert

Lawrence Lessig was on The Colbert Report last Thursday. Enjoy the fireworks. The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Lawrence Lessig Colbert at ChristmasColbert Christmas DVD Green ScreenBill O'Reilly Interview You can find audio remixes of the interview on ccMixter and indabamusic and video remixes on YouTube. Here is a clever video remix. It seems all this remixing has angered Mr. Colbert enough to create his own video for one of the audio remixes... Full Post

Applied Computational Genomics Course

I thought some people who read this blog might be interested in the Appled Computational Genomics Course (ACGC) offered by Genome Canada. It teaches the basics of UNIX, Perl, and several bioinformatics and sequence annotation tools. The next course is in the Spring of 2009 but has no location or dates (perhaps they meant Spring 2010). The course with an actual location (University of Calgary) is July 14-20, 2009. Canada should be nice that time... Full Post

Personal genomics will shape the next decade

According to Forbes, personal genomics will be one of the five technologies that will shape the next decade. They predict (not too boldly) that personal genome sequencing will become widely available and pave the way to personalized medicine. I wonder where they would get an idea like that? They mention Pacific Biosciences, Knome (George Church), and venture capital darling Complete Genomics as players in this field. They somehow fail to mention privacy concerns or informatics/IT... Full Post

You take the good, you take the bad...

On the heels of the bad news earlier this week that the RIAA and giant media corporations were getting the second and third spots at the Justice Department, we get some good news: Rep. Dick Boucher (D-VA) will be the head of the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet. Rep. Boucher and Rep. Ed Markey are swapping chairmanships, with Rep. Markey getting the ostensibly more prestigious Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment. It could... Full Post

The Power of R

There is a good story in The New York Times about the R statistical programming language entitled Data Analysts Captivated by R’s Power. Analysts are using R more and more at The Genome Center. An entertaining quote in the article comes from R's competition: “I think it addresses a niche market for high-end data analysts that want free, readily available code," said Anne H. Milley, director of technology product marketing at SAS. She adds, “We... Full Post