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Genome technology wizard

There is a story in the Washington University newspaper, the Record, about Dr. Elaine Mardis entitled Genome technology wizard. The story talks about Dr. Mardis' beginnings in science and one of her roles as Co-Director of The Genome Center: head of our Technology Development Group. Full Post

A clean fight

One thing that has always distinguished the Republicans from the Democrats is their ability to close ranks and toe the party line. In years past, they have reliably put aside their reservations about this or that candidate and shown up and voted. Many credit turnout alone as the major factor behind the results of the last two presidential elections. We see evidence of this in a recent poll of "likely voters" by USA Today/Gallup. The... Full Post

Junk DNA

DNA that does not encode genes or is not in known regulatory regions has long been called "junk DNA". This junk DNA makes up over 90% of the human genome. Last year, the ENCODE project reported that this notion of massive portions of the DNA not serving any function was likely wrong. Rather, their findings suggested that the human genome is a complex network of interacting elements containing very little unused sequence, not gene islands... Full Post

CSI: Phoenix

Researchers at TGen have developed a technique to identify trace amounts of an individual's DNA in a mixture of, for example, blood. While this is good news for forensic investigators, it is not so good for public data release. The human genome reference, the major product of the Human Genome Project, is a mixture of several individual's DNA. This was done so that no individual genome could be discerned from the freely available human reference.... Full Post

Candidate stances on technology issues

Here is some more information on each candidate's stance on technology issues, what's new is Gov. Palin's stances derived from her record. You can review the stances of Sen. McCain, Sen. Obama, and Sen. Biden. The articles only cover a few topics, but it is clear that Sens. Obama and Biden need to reconcile their stances on a few issues. Full Post