Politics, Information Technology, and Genomics

Candidate technology platforms

Sen. McCain has recently released his technology platform. Sen. Obama has had his technology platform available for while. Sadly, Sen. McCain's proposals seem to favor moneyed, entrenched interests by opposing common sense patent reform and net neutrality. Update: Lawrence Lessig has posted his response to Sen. McCain's technology platform. One warning, it is nearly 17 minutes long. Full Post

The cost of cancer

Journalist Leroy Sievers, who kept a daily blog entitled My Cancer, passed away last Friday. His daily entries and periodic stories on NPR are a sobering reminder of the toll of cancer. Full Post

What happened?

This election, in this year where we have a struggling economy, high energy prices, housing woes, and two wars, we were promised a campaign that focused on big differences on big issues. Sen. McCain promised a respectful campaign. What we have gotten is a media focused on minutiae and candidates bickering back and forth about nonsense. The McCain campaign is complaining about the amount of media coverage Sen. Obama is receiving (even though the majority... Full Post

St. Louis Crisis Nursery

Recently I was asked to join the Young Professionals Board of the St. Louis Crisis Nursery. The Nursery is a terrific organization that provides safe, short-term shelter for children whose parents are in crisis. It is the only organization in St. Louis and one of the few in the country dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect. It does this by taking a holistic and individually tailored approach to each family's situation, partnering with other... Full Post

War on cancer

There was an article in US News and World Report calling for a new war on cancer. A couple of the more far out comments on the article confirms my impression of your standard US News and World Report reader (you can recognize them on the street because they are wearing tin-foil hats). More recently, Science had a news item on the recent meeting of NCI's Board of Scientific Advisors that included a report on... Full Post