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Profiling aromatase inhibitor response in breast cancer

GenomeWeb's In Sequence magazine recently posted a story about The Genome Center's efforts, led by Elaine Mardis, to determine genetic patterns associated with aromatase inhibitor, a common therapy that blocks estrogen production, response in breast cancer. The hope is that we can find certain patterns of mutations that associate with therapy response (or non-response). Then, genetic tests can be developed that probe these mutations and they can be used to predict whether patients will respond... Full Post

Ides of March

During the 30 minutes or so after boarding a plane and when you are free to use approved electronic devices, you can get a little reading done. On my last couple trips I had a stack of somewhat dated Newsweek magazines to pore through. Fortunately, there were several good articles, which I now pass along for your consideration (which I type on my computer during the period I am free to use approved electronic devices... Full Post

What the Crisis Nursery does

Below is a nice interview with DiAnne Mueller, CEO of the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, talking about what the Crisis Nursery does and how you can help. Full Post

New data center approved

The Genome Center recently received word that its grant proposal for a data center was approved (St. Louis Business Journal). The $14.3 million grant is funded by National Center for Research Resources and the money comes from ARRA. The grant, along with about $8 million dollars from Washington University, will allow us to essentially duplicate our current data center capacity. We took possession of our current data center in May 2008 and it is already... Full Post

Gathering cloud at XGen

If you are going to be at XGen next week and you are interested in cloud computing and its application to bioinformatics, be sure to stop and participate in the Cloud Computing in Bioinformatics discussion I will be "facilitating" on Wednesday morning (March 17). My talk is at 3:05 p.m. PT on Tuesday and I will be chairing the first session on Monday (if my plane is on time and the taxi is fast enough).... Full Post