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Happy DNA Day. Julie Bierach of KWMU (St. Louis' NPR station) has a story about The Genome Center's DNA Day outreach efforts entitled Young scientists learn about DNA. One of the main things we do is visit area schools and perform a DNA extraction experiment on strawberries. If you would like to try the experiment yourself, here is the lab protocol to extract DNA from strawberries or bananas. Full Post

The Age of American Unreason

Last night, Susan Jacoby was on The Colbert Report to discuss her book, The Age of American Unreason. She touches on themes similar to those raised in my recent post, War on Intelligence. Full Post

Ballad of Big Nothing

you can do what you want to whenever you want to you can do what you want to there's no one to stop you all spit and spite you're up all night and down every day a tired man with only hours to go just waiting to be taken away … do what you want to whenever you want to do what you want to whenever you want to though it doesn't mean a thing... Full Post

War on Intelligence

I think it is time for the government to declare a War on Intelligence. Typically, when our government declares war on a non-nation state, it prospers. Just think how well poverty, drugs, and terror have done since war was declared on them. Why does intelligence need help? Two reasons: the assault on being elite and the assault on evolution. Elite In the past week there has been an uproar about Sen. Obama being an elitist.... Full Post

In the dark

Recently, my colleague posted a write-up of the recent Helicos publication in Science on their sequencing of the M13 virus genome. I've mentioned Helicos before, but have not really talked about their technology. While their publication is step forward for single-molecule sequencing, their HeliScope faces significant challenges. While PCR may have its drawbacks, its main advantage is that it gives you some room for error. No chemical reaction goes to completion, there is always an... Full Post