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After the contests on March 4th, I wondered if conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh's urging Republicans to "cross over" and vote for Sen. Clinton had any affect on the outcome of the race. Initially, the media had said there is no real way to determine if his efforts had any effect. It seemed to me there was, so I did some analysis a week or so ago of the exit poll results (see below).... Full Post

1000 Genomes

This week The Genome Center will begin sequencing our first samples from the 1000 Genomes Project. This project, which aims to create a much deeper understanding of normal human variation, will begin by sequencing DNA from the well-characterized samples of the HapMap Project. The initial sequencing plan consists of three separate pilot projects, each of which will generate an unprecedented amount of genomic information. The first pilot involves sequencing a large number of individuals, about... Full Post

For your viewing pleasure

Last night, Keith Olbermann gave a scathing commentary on Geraldine Ferraro's recent statements. He was really fired up. Maybe a bit too fired up. Nonetheless, it reminded me of his commentary on Rumsfeld's speech in 2006. And that always reminds me of Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire (which many say led to the shows eventual cancellation). Full Post

Local boy makes good

I was reading Slashdot recently and came across this story about bad science journalism. More specifically it talks about how the media glorifies the scientific underdog and often mischaracterizes or misunderstands the skepticism inherent in the scientific process (of all people, shouldn't journalists understand skepticism?). It is an interesting read. What is equally interesting (to me) is that it is written by Michael White who happens to be a fellow researcher here at Washington University... Full Post

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All original content on this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. That means you are free to use, share, remix, etc. the content of this blog as long as you use proper attribution and license your generated content similarly. The XML feed for this blog has been updated to include this license information as well. In an unrelated matter, a loyal reader has requested a "shout out". Enjoy. Full Post