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Colbert on the big state argument

Here is esteemed pundit Stephen Colbert's take on Sen. Clinton's "big state" argument, i.e., because she has won the "big" states, she should be the nominee despite trailing in pledged delegates, total delegates, primaries won, caucuses won, states won, and popular vote. I wonder who he is pulling for? Full Post

Illumina Genome Analyzer Pipeline and LSF

Many centers who use Platform LSF to manage their computational cluster have had trouble running the Illumina (Solexa) Genome Analyzer Pipeline (GAPipeline). The GAPipeline is the series of programs, scripts, and shell commands that performs the primary analysis (image analysis and base calling) and alignment for the Illumina Genome Analyzer. The GAPipeline is tied together using fairly complex Makefiles. The GAPipeline is very modular, i.e., it uses a lot of short-running scripts and programs to... Full Post


I have switched my feed to start using FeedBurner. So now you can either subscribe to the feed through your favorite news aggregator or get my posts sent to your email address. See the Feed section on the top-left of the blog layout. Full Post

What ever happened to bias?

A recent Newsweek article entitled The Myth of Objectivity discusses the recent (i.e., perpetual) uproar about media bias. Of course by bias, people mean that someone wrote an article that did not agree with their world view. With the proliferation of media outlets these days, it is easy to find someone who agrees with you, thereby strengthening your case that all those who don't are biased. So is there a bias against Sen. Clinton? There... Full Post

Drum beat to election

When reading Charles Krauthammer's editorial entitled The Audacity of Selling Hope, I was transported back to 2003 and the run up to the Iraq war. The liberal peppering of the article with quotes from other pundits reminded me of the way they all joined the drum beat to war. Not questioning. Not deviating. Not thinking. After the situation in Iraq declined and the failures of intelligence and the press were brought to light, we were... Full Post