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Construction delays

Here is another update on the progress of construction for the Genome Data Center. Below is a picture of our 2 MW generator. Unfortunately, we will not have the use of that generator until a few months after the data center opens. The data center was originally scheduled to be completed and ready for move in on May 1, 2008. The parallelizing switch gear, which automatically switches between the utility and generator electric feeds, will... Full Post

Having it both ways

Recently we have seen a lot of attacks on Sen. Obama from both Sen. Clinton's campaign and the Republicans. Individually they each seem pretty innocuous, particularly because they rely more on fear mongering and criticisms of style rather than substance. When you step back and look at all the attacks however, a pattern begins to emerge. First, some smalltime operator makes a statement, sends an email, or posts a story that fans the flames of... Full Post

AGBT 2008, part 2

Well, here is another quick hit from AGBT 2008. This year there were over 550 attendees and they still had to turn away over 200 people. No doubt all the interest is due to the next-generation sequencing technologies, giving labs and companies all over the world the ability to sequence DNA. Of course, just being able to generate the data does not mean you know how to deal with them. To that end, in this... Full Post

More corn

The draft sequenced of the maize genome was officially announced today. Here is some other coverage. Full Post

Your people call it corn

Later this week, we will announce the completion of the maize genome draft sequence (for the more aural-oriented crowd, an radio story featuring Rick Wilson should be posted here soon). Maize has a large genome (slightly smaller than human) that is highly repetitive (about 80%). These facts made a whole-genome shotgun approach to sequencing infeasible. Therefore, we took a BAC-by-BAC approach, similar to what was done for the Human Genome Project. Further work on the... Full Post