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Candidates at Google

Several of the candidates from both parties have given talks and answered questions at Google. If you are interested in their takes on technology (and some other issues), they are worth a watch. Below is the video from the strongest proponent of network neutrality. Full Post

Web server primaries

Not that you should choose your presidential candidate on what type of web server they run, but in case you are interested. Democrats www.hillaryclinton.com - Microsoft Windows www.barackobama.com - GNU/Linux I wonder if it will come up in the debate tonight. Republicans www.mikehuckabee.com - Microsoft Windows (using Akamai/Linux caching) www.johnmccain.com - Microsoft Windows www.ronpaul2008.com - GNU/Linux www.mittromney.com - GNU/Linux Full Post

Genome data center

The Genome Center (where I work) is building a new data center. With the avalanche of data that the next-generation sequencers, we need a significant expansion in computing and storage infrastructure. Here is a picture from our current lab across the street. Yes, it does come with its own red racing stripe. Several people have commented that it is not the prettiest building. All I can say is that I had nothing to do with... Full Post

TechCrunch presidential endorsements

The TechCruch blog has posted the results of its Tech President Primary and endorsed a candidate from each party. On the Democratic side, Barack Obama won the primary and the endorsement. On the Republican side, Ron Paul won the primary but Michael Arrington endorsed John McCain. This caused some consternation amongst TechCrunch readers (see the comments). Full Post

Platform independent

When Java first hit the software development scene, the mantra was "write once, run anywhere". Well, Java, or more precisely the way computer science departments use Java, has received some criticism recently, but it was not related to that mantra, despite the fact the mantra's goal is rarely achieved. While Java runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which is, in theory, platform independent, Java does not prevent developers from hard-coding platform-specific assumptions in their... Full Post