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Turning Data Into Food

Our team at Monsanto recently led the charge to start an engineering blog where we can share more about what we are doing in IT and Technology, highlight some of our Open Source projects, and talk a bit about our culture. We’re just getting started but there are already a couple good posts, including the beginning of a series by Jorge Montero about Scala’s implicits. I just published a post on how we are using... Full Post

Move to Jekyll and GitHub Pages

I haven’t posted any new content in a while, but after logging in to my hosting provider and finding some suspicious files I didn’t put there, I decided it was time to finally move away from WordPress to a static site generator. I also wanted to move away from my hosting provider. Therefore, I figured GitHub Pages and Jekyll were my best bet. I used JekyllImport::Importers::WordpressDotCom and more or less followed the first few steps... Full Post

Congratulations on reaching the $1000 genome

Recently there has been a spate of talks, press releases, and articles about the absurdity of the $1000 human genome, e. g., Cancer, Data and the Fallacy of the $1000 Genome. No doubt this has contributed to the somewhat muted response to Life Technologies announcement that they will attempt to win the Archon Genomics X Prize using the Ion Torrent Proton platform. While I agree that talk of the $1000 human genome is irrelevant, it's... Full Post

Pretty Vacant

It's been a long while since I posted, undoubtedly a bit too long for many to even be paying attention any more. I have a few ideas kicking around in my head where a blog post is likely a better forum than Twitter or Google+. Until I wrestle them out, check out this article about some rewarding work we did last year to help treat a colleague's cancer recurrence. Below is a short video about... Full Post

Going Mobile

I just added the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin to the site. When browsing from a mobile device, you should get a small-screen friendly view (and you won't see the video below). Full Post